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Meditation and development Group - at NASM Rosa Tingey Centre,
Cnr 38 Palmerston Road & Young St. Unley.  S.A.

   The group is held on Tuesday at 10.30 am to 12.00 noon fortnightly.  $5.00
           Program: 2013

5th Feb, 2013

19th Feb, 2013

5th March, 2013

19th March, 2013

2nd April, 2013

16th April, 2013

30th April, 2013

14th May, 2013

28th May, 2013

11th June, 2013

25th June, 2013

9th July, 2013

23rd July, 2013

6th August, 2013

20th August, 2013

3rd Sept. 2013

17th Sept. 2013

1st Oct. 3013

15th Oct. 2013

29th Oct. 2013

12th Nov. 2013

26th Nov. 2013

Christmas  Break

resumes Feb 2014

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the stilling of the mind, allowing it to be calm yet focused at the same time, while the body is relaxed.  It is being in the moment, letting go of thoughts and worries, and allowing the heightening of the senses.  It is also the process of letting go of what we think we know, and opening up to, and questioning what appears to be obvious.

Why Meditate?
There are many reasons why people begin to meditate. Sometimes they are wanting to improve their health, or to aid concentration, to help them relax, for sporting achievements, or for spiritual growth, and many other reasons.  Most people find the benefits are beyond their original aims, and all aspects of their lives are improved.

For me, one benefit is that it has made me more aware of my thinking and how I react to situations based on my thoughts.  I am able to accept differences in others without judgement, and to follow my own path without feeling controlled by other's judgements.  This is much less stressful than all the "shoulds" built into our behaviour for ouselves and others.  It has also helped me in so many other ways.

About Meditation
There are many forms and styles of meditiaton, and different styles sometimes have different aims, but all types of meditation help to attain a calmness of mind, and reduce stress levels.

Some styles are very strict and require a singleness of focus, discouraging any diversions into the imagination, while other styles encourage open-ness to allow images which may occur spontaneously to be accepted and welcomed.

You will need to decide for yourself which style suits you best, and it is helpful to try out several different types before choosing one or two to work with in more depth.  Even within the different styles there are many different forms of achieving a state of meditation, and you may even develop some of your own which you can use.

It is an interesting journey which will bring you many benefits in both health and outlook on life.


Books I have found helpful:

Teach Yourself to Meditate - by Eric Harrison
Simon & Schuster, Australia

The Power of the Inner Self - by Maureen Garth
Harper Collins

How to Meditate - Lawrence LeShan

Creative Visualization  - Shakti Gawain