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The 5 Reiki Principles

Just for today I will not worry, 

Just for today I will not anger, 

Just for today I will live the attitude of Gratitude

Just for today I will do my work honestly 

Just for today I will show love and respect for every living being.


Usui Reiki
Tanaki Reiki
Reiki I
Reiki II
Masters level
Tanaki Symbols



I am not holding Reiki classes at this stage.
Please check the practitioner's listing for possible classes

Usui Reiki
Usui Reiki is the original system of Reiki discovered by Dr. Usui, from which other systems have evolved.  See the Links page for the history and description of Usui Reiki from various perspectives. 

I have not attempted to do this here as there is so much information already available, and new information still unfolding. 

Different teachers have different understandings and methods, and there are several variations on the history of Usui Reiki as more research is done into the life of Dr. Usui. 

I believe that the differences are unimportant, that the healing and self growth achieved through use of Reiki for self and others should be the main objective. 

When I first learnt Usui Reiki in 1995, the emphasis on the hand positions, and the "correct" way of doing things was a big part of the course.  There seemed so much to remember, and I could never seem to get the hand positions exactly right.  Many of the Usui classes of today are not as formal as the class I attended, and especially in Level II and beyond, the use of intuition plays an important part. (see also about Reiki)
It was through Usui Reiki that I began my journey of self healing.
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Tanaki Reiki
Tanaki Reiki is an intuitive method of Reiki which encourages you to use your own inner knowing when working with Reiki energy. The method and symbols that are Tanaki Reiki were directly channelled by Mary, the founding member of Tanaki Reiki in Australia. 

The philosophy is that Reiki should be availabe to all, not just those who can afford to pay the high fees that are sometimes charged.  The purpose of  learning Reiki is to improve the flow of Universal Energy through the healing channels and learn how best to use this energy to heal ourselves and others. 

As more people are healed, and find peace within themselves, so the planet will be healed, and the world will become more peaceful.

The main difference between Usui & Tanaki Reiki are the symbols which are used, the lack of secrecy with the symbols in Tanaki, and the teaching methods.  The end result and the principles are the same.  I have found that in recent times that many Usui classes have become more relaxed and the the two methods more similar than ever.

It was through Tanaki Reiki that I learned to trust my inner guidance in working with healing energy.
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Reiki Levels
There are three levels Reiki. Some schools of Usui teach four levels, a third level being added before the teaching level
Reiki I   -   is "hands on healing" 
Reiki II   -  is "Absent healing" 
Masters  - is the Teaching Level. 

Reiki I
Reiki I is hands on healing that sends healing energy to the cause of an illness or problem.  There are two to four attunements in RI, which open and purify the channel through which the Reiki energywill flow. 
Symbols are given in Tanaki level I, but not in Usui. These symbols can be used to focus the energy if required. In Tanaki Reiki they are not secret, and printed copies are kept by the student. 
The classes are usually small, which allows time for discussion and any questions you may have, and for practice in using Reiki. 
A followup day can be arranged if required for any further questions which may arise after you have begun using Reiki, or come along to the monthly Reiki Circles.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Also see Treatments to see what is involved in a typical hands on Reiki treatment.

Reiki II
Reiki II attunements allow you to send distance healing to those in need. There are two to three attunements in RII. Symbols are given in both Tanaki and Usui at level II.
Absentee healing is used when the person requiring healing is not in the same location as the sender.  The distance between them is not important, and healing can be sent to anywhere in the world.
It is also useful as a follow up to hands on healing, over the next few days after you have given a treatment. 
Reiki II can also be used to send healing to the earth itself, to world events, to places of conflict and war, to the past or future.
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Masters Level
After taking the Master level you are able to teach Reiki to others. 
The Master class is held over two days, and prior training involves spending time in your teacher's classes observing and learning.

The term "master" to me in Reiki simply means "teacher".  It does not mean someone who has necessarily mastered everything there is to know about Reiki, as this is a lifetime journey of discovery.  To me, teaching is only another stage of learning.

The symbols can be used as a focus if required when using Reiki energy. They are sometimes described as "training wheels". 

Some people find it helpful to use the symbols when giving Reiki, while others only use them when they need extra help to focus or put them in the right frame of mind. 

Others rarely use them at all.  Each person will find what suits them best and follow their own guidance. 

My thoughts are that the symbols are a way of representing the energy we wish to tap into in a form that gives us something visual to focus on, and the variations or type of symbol used, does not change the energy. 

Just as in our own written language, the letters can vary with different styles of handwriting, and the words for things are different in different languages, but the meaning is still the same.

Tanaki  Symbols
See symbols to view the symbols used in Tanaki Reiki.
Symbols similar to these are also found in AJ Mckenzie Clay's book "One step forward for Reiki", (1992).  He also shows the Usui symbols in this book.

Usui Symbols
In Usui Reiki the symbols are usually kept secret until the second degree and masters initiations.

There are no symbols taught in Reiki I.  In Reiki II there are three symbols. These are for increasing the power, emotional healing and distance healing.  Another symbol is added during master training to allow the attunements to be given.

There are books which have published these symbols, the best known one being Diane Stein's "Essential Reiki" and also AJ Mackenzie Clay's "One Step forward for Reiki".  There are also web sites which show these symbols. One of these is The Reiki Threshold.
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Reiki I and II
If you wish to learn Reiki, to enable you to give yourself, your friends or family a Reiki Treatment, I hold regular classes in Reiki I and II. 

Reiki is simple to learn, and is taught during a one day workshop, usually a Sunday. There are physical and Astral attunements given which open you to Reiki energy enabling you to treat yourself or others.  Once you have been attuned to Reiki, the ability to use it will be with you for all time. 

Classes are held in my home, and are informal.  The size of the class is mostly between one and six people, which allows time for discussion and individual attention. 

A follow up day can be arranged, and I encourage students to attend the monthly Reiki shares, at least until they are confident with using Reiki.  You will meet other practitioners and can share experiences and questions.

Reiki Master/Teacher
Reiki Master training is given by arrangement, and taken over several weeks, with the student actively participating in Reiki 1 & 11 classes, preparing a manual, and a class plan.  A Masters attunement and certificate are given at the end of the training.

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My Teaching
Most of my early training in teaching has been in Tanaki Reiki. Later I trained in Usui Reiki and now most of my classes are given in Usui Reiki.  There are elements of both systems that I resonate with.  I like the simplicity of Tanaki Reiki which frees the mind and allows the awareness of the energy to be the primary focus.  I also accept that there are those who prefer more structure, and feel lost without clear guidelines, especially in the beginning, and accept that Usui is the more traditional method.  With the more recent discoveries in the Usui system, namely the original methods of Dr. Usui, I teach the Usui system with an emphasis of working with your intuition.

Reiki History

New information on the History of Reiki is constantly emerging, along with many "add ons" etc. from various schools of thought, (which each have their place and virtues), but which in my view often tend to make things more complicated and confusing. For this reason I offer only a brief outline of the history of Reiki, both Mrs. Takata's history, and the new research from Japan, and invite the student to research this further if this is important to them.

This path seems to be one of constant searching for "truth" which changes as we grow, and as many have found before, the journey is of more importance than arriving.
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