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Wendy Aitken:  Reiki Practitioner.  I am a Reiki Master but I do not teach as yet. Willing to do reiki to whoeva wheneva its needed.   (Added 17th Nov. 2001)  
Hetty Driessen:  (Gold Coast)  Reiki, Massage, pranic & crystal healing, Astrology.  Teach Reiki at all levels.  Bring Peace and Love back into our lives.  Reiki I - last weekend of every month, other levels at request.  (Added 18th Nov. 2001)
Gary & Kristina Romer: (Brisbane)  Reiki Master/Teachers.  In our Traditional Usui Reiki Level I workshops, you are attuned & learn how to use Reiki to enhance the health & wellbeing of yourself & others (including animals). Once properly attuned to Reiki Energy you will retain it for life. We provide our Reiki students with on-going support at no further charge. Also we teach more advanced Traditional Usui Reiki levels. We are Reiki Grand Master-Teachers in the Traditional Usui System of Reiki.Gary is also a practicing Naturopath; Kristina is a Metaphysical teacher. We teach Reiki at Holland Park, Brisbane.  (Added 3rd Oct. 2002, Updated 16th September 2005, 21st March, 2007)
Elizabeth Hibel: (Buderim) Reiki  I offer courses in Usui Reiki, Seichim, and Prismology of Light, via the internet and email. Web Page   (Added 11th Oct. 2002)
Patricia Muggeridge: (Beenleigh) Reiki, Energy Therapy. Massage, crystals, Bach Flowers, Charkra Balancing, Reiki and pet therapy...all welcome.  (Added 29th Oct. 2002)
Jiva:  Reiki Master/teaching, Ancient Thai Massage. I am a Traditional Reiki Master trained in the Usui School of Reiki. I have ongoing workshops in Reiki at all levels, for personal healing and assisting others in their healing process. I also practice Ancient Thai Massage, an ancient tradition which works on many levels for physical and emotional release and well-being, and is a real treat into the bargain !  (Added 26th Feb.2003)
Helen Wenham: (Gold Coast)  Accelerated Healing.Reiki Seichim Orion & Beyond....I teach Accelerated Healing. Reiki Seichim Orion & Beyond......First Second Advanced & Masters Degrees. Situated in Atlantis East. Paradise Waters. Gold Coast. Relaxing Ocean Views for Meditation & Healing. Call or email anytime. 07 5591 6677  Love & Blessings. Helen .Web Page  (Added 26th June 2003)
Jenny Utley: (Toowoomba) Reiki Master/Teacher. I am a Reiki practitioner, trainer and teacher.  I am available to travel in the South West Qld area for training.  I teach self treatments and practitioner training.  I am a Member of the ARC Inc. and a possess a Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) from the Academy of Reiki. (Added 7th July, 2003)
Stephen Benn:  Reiki Master/ healing, teaching, Attuning to master level.  I am a Reiki Master.  Besides Healing & balancing Chakras, I also teach and Attune to Masters level in Reiki & Seichim.  Web Page  (Added 10th July, 2003, updated 13th June, 2004)
James McConnell:  (Springfield/Camira)  Massage/Reiki/Seichim. I am a massage therapist, Reiki/Seichim Master Teacher. I practice Reiki and Seichim in my nautral therapy clinic. I also run workshops to attune people to Reiki and Seichim.  (Added 18th July, 2003).
Mavis De Monte:   Reiki, Seichem, R.E.S.E.T. (Jaw Muscles Energy Correction), Swedish Massage, Oriental Face Energy Massage, Dream Intrepretation. Relaxation of mind and body is key to being in touch with your own body's healing ability. I seek to assist and facilitate this process with the channelling of Universal Energy. Pets welcomed. For info/appt Ph 0407 078428   (Added 27th July, 2003)
Ivan Goh:   (Master/Teacher): (Brisbane)   Usui Seichim, Karuna, Kundalini Reiki Classes, Reiki Sessions.  All levels of Reiki are taught. Reiki Master Degrees cost will be negotiated upon. I also teach Seichim Reiki so if you are interested in learning about the seichim reiki, which originated from egypt, let me know. I will allow some degrees cost to be lowered but that will come through face to face discussion. Most attunements are done on a one to one basis. If you would like to do the attunements with a friend who also is being attuned, let me know. I'll be more than happy to accommodate it. I'm located in St Lucia but i can travel a little if needed. Sent: Friday, 10 October 2003 7:07 PM. Web Page  (Added 10th October, 2003)
Christie: (Gold Coast) Usui Reiki.     I currently offer Reiki Healing treatment and Relaxation.      (Added 6th December, 2003)             
The Healing Point: (Buddina)  Rei Ki II practitioner, Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Ear Candling.   Sonja is an accredited second degree Rei Ki pracitioner and Ordained Minister (OM)... with love and compassion she offers an holistic approach to others physical, emotional and spiritual healing. All therapies offered are natural and gentle to the body, mind and soul ~ providing release, relaxation and balance to the entire body. Let Go, Relax and revitalize with a healing from the heart.  (Added 10th March, 2004)
Ayana Dasi B.AReiki Practitioner.  THE USUI METHOD OF NATURAL HEALING AYANA DASI CENTRAL QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA *Will travel.  Ayana Dasi B.A.  Reiki Practitioner Dream Analyst & Professional Writer. Attuned by Reiki Master MEG JANES 1994/5.   Reiki 1 Treatments $50.00    Reiki 2 Treatments $50.00   Distance Treatment $40.00     By Appointment. Tel. +61 439718994  e-mail:  "Give Only Love"  (Added 15th November, 2004)
Sarah Ray: (Mansfield)  Ra-Sheeba, Usui Reiki.   I am currently based in Mansfield, Brisbane, but will be relocating to the Sunshine Coast in mid-April. I am a Master/Teacher of Ra-Sheeba, and Level One in Usui Reiki. Will do healings for anyone, and will teach Ra-Sheeba to whoever knocks on my door!.  (Added 14th March, 2005)
Alistair kelsall: Reiki Master.  I am a Reiki Master with over 10 years experience teaching. I am available for anyone who wants to know more about this form of healing and growth.  (Added 26th April, 2005)
Justin: Reiki, Pellowah, Crystals, & Sekhem.  I teach Reiki, Spirit Surgery and Crystals. I treat using Sekhem, Reiki, Spirit Surgery, Crystals and Pellowah Healing Techinque. May you always be in the grace of source.  Web Page.  (Added 2nd November, 2005)
Calm Blue Ocean: (Sandgate) Science of Life - Spiritual Counsellor and Healer.  Reiki Seichim Master Using combinations of counselling and energetic healing to restore balance in body, mind and spirit. (Added 24th March, 2006)
Sondra Ann Davidson: (Holland Park) Reiki, Hawaiian lomi lomi, Meditation, Vibrational Essences.  Sometimes we all need a safe space to relax and breathe. Often this is the only healing our scrambled Spirit requires.  My purpose is to guide you to discover the healing You need in order to move forward, be it breathing with meditative purpose, finding peace in reiki & massage or working to release layers of stagnant energy, which suffocate your creativity.  Web Page.  (Added 11th May, 2006) 


Ensha Reiya: (Brisbane and Sunshine Coast)  Reiki, Pellowah Healing Technique, Arbah Healing, Public Speaking, Intuitive Readings, Astrology, Essences, Life Navigation.    Hello my name is Ensha, I am located in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. And am available for consultations and workshops. Incorporating many different modalities to assist you to become more empowered and inspired. Living Your Life On Purpose. Workshops and Consultations available worldwide. Ph 0409040283. Web Page.  (Added 11th February, 2007) 

Fiona Dowe - The Reiki Centre:  I teach and practice Reiki in Brisbane. (Also teach Reiki on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville) 
Come an receive a beautiful, relaxing Reiki treatment or learn Reiki for your own health & balance and to share with others!
Reiki is a gentle, touch activated technique accessing pure Universal Life Force Energy through the hands, to restore natural health and balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki 1 activates the extra supply of life force energy to flow through the hands by the simple act of touch.  This can be used to clear health issues or for simple relaxation and peace. Reiki 1 is a full day course taught by Fiona Dowe.  Background to Reiki is learnt as well as self treatments and giving Reiki to others. A certificate and course manual are given at the end of the day. Courses are taught regularly. Web Page.
  (Added 16th December, 2007) 


Kirsty Thoms: (Ipswich) - Reiki Reiki Treatments.  Chakra Balancing and Clearing.  

Chulani Wick (Wynnum) Reiki Master/Teacher, QT Therapist, Meditaion Instructor. I teach Reiki, each level in 2 days.  The first day you will receive 4 attunements and learn to feel the energy.  Provide special Reiki teaching, healing for children over 5 years.  Children will improve brain power & concentration while relaxing their body & mind.   A special researched technique will be taught to enhance Reiki power instantly with great unbelievable results.  Meditation advices are available upon requests free of charge.  Call me on 041 3884851 or email me on Web Page  (Added 16th March, 2011)



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