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 Victoria, Australia

Little White Dove: (Rural Victoria) Reiki, Natural Therapies, Herbal remedies and many more  We are free information site dealing with reiki, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, colour therapy, crystal healing, natural therapies and more.  Web Page  (Added 17th Nov. 2001)
Doreen Van Boxtel:  Reiki/Seichim Treatments and Courses.  Reiki/Seichim Treatments and Courses. Certificate, Lineage are included. A member of Australian Reiki Connection.  Angel and Crystal Workshops also available.  (Added 23rd Aug.02, Updated 17th Nov. 2002, 7h May, 2007) 
Jacqui Reid: (Buchan) Reiki Master/Teacher  Reiki, as I teach it, has three levels, and each level must be taken in sequence. Students can register for any single level, however, the three levels must be taken in sequence. I invite you to stay in one of our Tipi's over night or weekday or weekend for your Reiki One, Two or Master Level. It's a wonderful experience and a beautiful place for ceremony. Or just come and spend time, relax with a Reiki treatment and enjoy. I teach Reiki One , Two, and Master Level and correspondence in all levels of Reiki.  (Added 5th Sept. 2002)
Ben Cini-Monro: (Traralgon)  Reiki & Seichim Master-Teacher.   I offer Reiki/Seichim Healing treatments for the renewal of your own energy field.  You will feel the subtle loving energy change your life for the better.  Crystal Healing is also incorporated into my healing sessions.  As I am also a Reiki & Seichim/Sekhem Master I offer Attunements to those who wish to heal themselves and others. Please visit my website for further information.  Namaste.  Web Page       (Added 14th Sept. 2002, Updated 18th Aug, 2003)
Ros Wilson:   Reiki.   Ros is a Reiki Master she teaches Reiki at all levels she is also a Holistic and Profesional Counsellor and practices and teaches from her home. Web Page  (Added 6th Nov 2002)
Dennis Hedriana:  Traditional Thai Massage.  Dip. TTM, MAA, ABN 99 460 162 652, Mobile: 0414 289 338, Phone: (03)9429 8889, Business Hours:9am - 9pm Monday to Saturday, Special Request on Sundays.  Web Page  (Added 13th Nov, 2002)
Efrosini Alex-Walczak:   Reiki, Qi Gong, Feng Shui + Geomancy.   Efrosini is the director of Qi for Life (Qi means 'energy/vitality) which is an organization committed to the study of, and practice of, balance and harmony in order to achieve health + harmony. Efrosini is a Reiki Master trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho School of Reiki. She holds ongoing workshops in Reiki Level 1+ 2, for personal healing and to assist others in their healing process. Small groups only. Efrosini's passion is also in the improvement of one's environment. She is a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner and is passionate about creating inspiring and personal environments which empower her client's highest potential for harmony, vitality, serenity, abundance, balance and success in all areas of life.  Efrosini also combines her Feng shui skills with the power of highly potentised Gem Essences to assist in the process of improvement of people's personal health & vitality (and environment).  Looking for a change? Contact Efrosini now..   (Added 28th Feb. 2003)
Kimba Scorpecci: (Reiki Master)  Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Seichim.   Discover the benefits of body health and flexibility, and allieviate physical and emotional pain through traditional thai yoga massage. I have studied in Thailand at Wat Po, and with an acupressure/massage master. I am also trained in Reiki and Seichim - beautiful, vital energy to free your spirit and assist you on your path. Very reasonable rates - I work from my home in a calm, sacred environment.03 - 93481532 / 0402 740 945 (Added 8th March. 2003)
Melissa Mills:  (Carrum Downs)   Newlife Reiki Seichim     I am a 47 year old woman who has been in the healing fields of employment for over 20 years. I have been a Nanny, a Homecare Worker, for the Elderly and new Mothers. I have been a Carer for the intellectually and physically disabled and also in Nursing Homes, as a Personal Care worker.        (Added 1st September, 2003)
Sen Healing: (Collingwood)   Traditional Thai Massage.    Traditional Thai Massage -Reviving Thai Traditional Medicine Effective in treating headaches, shoulder and upper back tensions, joint and soft tissue injury, digestive upsets, insomnia and anxiety.. Call Dennis Hedriana for an appointment.  POND Massage Water Wellness, 124-130 Langridge Street Collingwood Victoria, Australia. Tel: 03 9486 0070 0414 289 338.     Also One Body Mind and Life, 138 Coppin Street, Richmond 3121.  Tel: 03 9429 0290.  Web Page   (Added 11th Nov, 2003, Upadated 26th Feb, 2004)
Lia mills: Naturopathy, Reflexology.   As a Naturopath & Reiki Master I believe I can be a good instrument for the transmission of light, healing and unconditional love to others and be able to assist them in their evolutionary and healing process on a physical, emotional and soul level. My purpose is to help others to find out that there is something within them that is connected with the healing and creative forces of the Universe, so they can start to take responsibility for their own health, well being and their evolutionary process.    Web Page   (Added 9th Dec. 2003, updated 9th Feb. 06, 20th Sep. 2009)
Grace Canales: (Hallam area, Melbourne)  Reiki 1 & 11   My telephone is 0438125493. Thank you.  (Added 12th June. 2004)
Linda Harland:  (Bendigo)  Psychotherapist.  Psychotherapy, Counselling, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Readings, Bach Flower and Gem Stone Elixirs. Safe, warm environment. Reg PACFA member 020175. For appts Phone: 0412383643     (Added 2nd October, 2004)
Robert France: (Morinda Crescent, Doncaster East.Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki L1 L2 L3, Crystal Healing, Intuitive work (Certified Angel Intuitive)   Certified Level 3 Reiki Practitioner (Salerno Line) Certified Angel Intuitive - trained by Doreeen Virtue Crystal Healing and Intuitive Readings. General Counselling Services. Working also with Animals and Domestic Pets. Phone 0411 81 33 52   (Added 3rd November, 2004, updated 15th August, 2006) 
Rosolyn Simpson: (Melbourne)  Reiki & Guided Meditation.    Reiki & Guided Meditation ( Carrum Downs) Iam trained in Reiki 1 & 11 and combine this wonderful modality with Guided Meditation to enable you to discover the beauty and nuturing power of universal energy that can set you spirit free and connect you to your sacred inner child in a calm,serene an relaxed home enviroment.  Reasonable Rates. Mobile: 0421 006 915.    (Added 17th March, 2005)
Christine Crockford: (Edithvale)  Reiki Channel, Angel Intuitive.  Namaste, I offer Reiki healing treatments and Reiki 1 & 2 classes.  I am also a certified Angel Intuitive trained by Doreen Virtue and I offer Angel card readings via email and the Angels join me in my Reiki treatments.  Love & Light.  (Added 8th June, 2005)
Lisa Kavenagh: Reiki, massage treatments.  I offer a range of different Massage techniques along with Reiki included. I also conduct Massage parties for group bookings.  Web Page  (Added 14th December, 2005) 
Kaushal Shah: (Melbourne) Reiki Product supplier.  I am a gem stone importer specially in pendulum healing, wounds, pyramids, messages, sphere and gemstones jewellery selling at very low price.  Contact me for your inquiry.  Kausha.    IL (Kris) 0411 843 709 Namaste. Kris.  Chirayu Shah +91 98793 28009. "Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum"  (Added 31st March, 2005) 
Sen Healing: (St Kilda) Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki I, II.  Traditional Thai Massage - Reviving Thai Traditional Medicine - Effective in treating headaches, shoulder and upper back tensions, joint and soft tissue injury, digestive upsets, insomnia and anxiety. Mobile: 0414 289 338 Tel: (03)9537 1112  Also available Remedial, Sport, Cupping, MLD, Ear Candling, Gua Sha and Swedish. Web Page   (Added 18th September, 2005) 
Within the Circle: Gabriella Sanelli  (Blackburn) Massage Therapy.  Offering Traditional Tibetan Massage (Ku Nye), which is part of the Tibetan Medical system as taught by Dr Nida Chenagtsang. Ku Nye is a therapeutic treatment beneficial for general or specific conditions. Other services include Tibetan Usui Reiki, Mantra Healing and Ear Candling. Visit the website for further information. By appointment only. Web Page.  (Added 18th February, 2007) 
Eve Francis: Reiki, Complementary Therapy, Holistic Healing Eve is a qualified Complementary Therapist, Holistic Healer & Reiki Practitioner. Her gentle & non-judgemental approach will help you to feel comfortable & safe. Eve uses a variety of modalities such as counselling methods, meditation & breathing techniques, crystal & colour therapy, reflexology,reiki & massage to augment & enhance your healing process. Eve has excellent analytical skills and an innate knowing of her client's needs for treatment and wellbeing. She is highly intuitive and creative in both her treatment and her guidance and her love of her work is communicated in her gentle and professional technique. (Added 1st March, 2007)
Jackie Astuto: (Melton) Reiki Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Foot Detox Spa.   I offer Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Detox Foot Spa, Theta Healing. (Added 22nd April, 2007)
Whispering Seas Holistic and Spiritual Healing Centre for Wellness: Jennifer Keen-Richards: Holistic Health Practitioner.  Reiki Therapy - Crystal Therapy - Meditation Techniques (Group/Individual/Children - Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - Spiritual Healing - Counselling - Readings (Tarot/Angel/Crystals -Colour Therapy - Chakra Healing: Special monthly offers - Gift Cards/Reward Cards:  "The Secret" is Within You. You can become the Master of Your Life. Discover the magic of inner peace and harmony by balancing your mind, body and spirit. Choose to create the life you know you deserve. A life overflowing with an abundance of Love, Health, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. Open your Power and Passion by using the specialties I offer in combination or as separate modalities: Member of The Association of Australian Reiki Professionals.  Web Page (Added 2nd June, 2007)

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