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Sharon Sims: Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Natural Therapies. Hi, my name is Sharon and i offer a wide variety of therapies including Reiki Seichem, I, II and Masters training as well as Spiritual Development workshops. My aim is to assist you to re-member your divinity. Contact: Mob: 0420 825 400.
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(Added 27th February, 2014)

Janette:   Reiki.  I am a master Reiki practioner and wish to help more people with my skills in healing, distant healing, attunements, healing circles and advice.  In Perth there is not much on the internet and I wish to contribute. Please feel free to contact me. (No personal web page available as yet) (Added 5th July, 2002)
Alan pratt: (Mandurah)  Reiki healings, Classes for 1,2,3 and Masters, Traditional Massage, Relaxation & Theraputic.   I have been a Reiki practitioner for 5 years, the last 2 at Master/teacher. My Master is Dot Vickery.  Every day teaches us more, but I will never learn enough in this life. Ph. mob. 0404284348.  (Added 31st March, 2004)
Letitia Fortune: Reiki Master , Traditional Sharmanic Healing , Harmonics Consultant. Reiki Master Teacher Counsellor, Traditional Sharmanic Healing , Harmonics Consultant. I love what I do, am keen to share and to make these services available to others. Contact: Mob: 0414 440 645. Web Page (Added 2nd August, 2004)
Christine Benton, Nature's Infusions:   Natural Health.   Nature's Infusions offers services including Reiki, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Healing Stone Massage. I also have available a range of natural products. Nature's Infusions believes in treating the *whole person*:)    Web Page  (Added 30th September, 2004)
Chung Siew: (Perth) Reiki.  I'm a Reiki practitioner level II and a uni student. Currently having summer holidays and would like to help people in healing and distant healing. (Added 24th November, 2005)
Shay Stillman: (Hamersley)  Reiki.   I am currently at Reiki 2 level and gaining experience prior to doing my masters. If you would like a cheap Reiki session please contact me for a time. Relaxation guaranteed!   (Added 11th April, 2006)
Martin Quinlan : (South Guildford)  Reiki and Kinesiology Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner and Trainer. Located in the Perth suburb of South Guildford. Taking an Holistic approach and putting back the Balance in your Life.  Web Page  (Added 8th June, 2006)
Roger Weston: (Perth) Reiki Healing & Training.  Offer traditional Usui System of Reiki Healing and Training, through two Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised Courses. Provide treatments at Cottesloe, and classes throughout metro and country areas. Also foundation member of  "Reiki Association Inc."  Web Page. (Added 4th March, 2007)
 Hyrom Jones: (Landsdale)  Reiki Master, Teacher and Therapist.  I am a Reiki Master, Teacher and Therapist with over ten years experience. I can offer you the Peace, Tranquility and Relaxation Therapy that promotes natural healing, as only a Reiki treatment can provide. Web Page  (Added 19th June, 2007)



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