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Hi Warren - Could you please Change My Email address to Regards Gary
Gary Mc Kell, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
1st February 2004
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hi warren, managed to find this ok so hope we make contact eventually.
Wendy Takos, Royal Park, South Australia, Australia
30th November 2003
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Hi great to read about the McKells. My maiden name was McKell and my Father was Herbert and my grandfather was Reginald McKell. Both were born in Western Australia. I am interested in knowing who Reginald McKell is a descendant of. Thankyou
Donna Opie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
4th November 2003
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Sysop Note: Unable to contact above email address 13 Nov 2003.  Some information on ancestors of Robert Reginald McKell b. 2 Dec 1898 going back to about 1779 in Scotland   

Hello all - what a fantastic web site.   My father is William Harlod Robert McKell 17-05-1937 (WA) mother.  I have two sisters and would love to know more - will get more info and revisit web page soon.
Taryn McKell, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
15th July 2003
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We know very little of our family history and I would like to hear from anyone who can put some light on our past father Colin Mc Kell form Adelaide South Australia mother Mildred Watkins also from Adelaide.
Gary Mc Kell, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
15th June 2003
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Hello McKells! I'm a McKell from Trinidad & Tobago, way over on the other side of the world. Thought the site was very interesting and quite informative about your origins. I can tell a lot of work went into this.
The McKells from Trinidad & Tobago also have its origins in Scotland through a James McKell who came to Tobago and settled in the 1800's. Do you think that maybe our clans can somehow be linked from the family from that far back, given that McKell is not exactly a common name? Wouldn't that be something?!
Well, best regards to all of you and take care.
Warm 'Trini' McKell Love!!
Allyson McKell, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
16th May 2003
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well more news i now know of my grandfather keith mckell father of larry mckell.who has died early this year sad to hear but my search goes on.
Bradley McKell
, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
26th April 2003
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well just like to know my family tree have lived with only my brother sister and mother with little contact with any of my family on either side. now i have 3 boys of my own i would like them to know where there past is and i would like to know for myself .but sorry i dont know where to start and how to begin i have very little money and and seems everything costs a fortune even to find family well i am boring u all but if you can help please send me and email and i hope to reply thankyou very much and may the lord serve you well.
Bradley McKell, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
4th April 2003
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Michelle McKell, glasgow, uk, scotland
11th March 2003
Wow! I've never seen a picture of my mom so young before (Dawn Anderson/McKell). Hello to the family I've never met. Great website, please keep it going. I intend to have my sister send some photo's from England to the US and I'll scan them for your use at a later date. God bless.
John Anderson, Marysville, WA, USA
16th February 2003
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I don\'t see any postings more recent that March, '02. Am I the first visitor in almost a year? I\'d like to correspond with anyone who can connect our branches of the McKell family back in Ireland, or even further ago in Scotland.
Don McKell, Los Gatos, California, USA
11th February 2003
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This site is going to look good - it's been fun you finding me Warren (through my website) and I look forward to sharing family info. Best wishes from Rod. (my mother's Great Grandmother was Isabella McKell)
Rod Dumbreck, Cupar, Fife, Scotland
28th March, 2002
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Keep up the good work cous.!  Thank you for doing the family tree
Wendy McKell
26th March, 2002 
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Hi Warren,
Hope you realise what you have undertaken!!  I know you will do a good job.
Love, Pam
Pam, Adelaide, South Aust. Australia
24th March, 2002 
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Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  Please take time to sign the guest book, add your comments and let me know how the site can be improved.  Do you have information, photos? 
Warren Reeves.
Adelaide, South Australia. 
24th March, 2002 

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