Descendants of  William Speirs Johnston McKell
                           & Ilean Pretoria McKell
 (nee Westley)

 William Speirs Johnston McKell_1899
             & Ilean Pretoria Westley                  

William Speirs Johnston McKell  (14 Apr 1899)
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born: 14 Apr 1899  at 10:00am Manor Street, Falkirk, Scotland, the eldest child of Jonathan and Ann McKell (nee Johnston).
[see link - Dumbreck site - Scotland]
William migrated to Adelaide South Australia arriving in 1922 where he met and married:  Ilean Pretoria Westley  
died:15 September 1957 aged 58  at Seaview Rd., Lynton, South Australia.
buried: Centennial Park Cemetery South Australia
Ilean Pretoria Westley (16 Oct 1900)
born: 16 Oct 1900 at Mount Barker, South Australia, the Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Grace Westley (nee Besanko)
married: William Speirs Johnston McKell at the Methodist Manse, Renmark, South Australia on 12 March 1923
died: 1973.

[Photo retouched - Rod Dumbreck Cupar, Fife, Scotland]
William's early years
William or Willie was the first of nine children born to Jonathan McKell and Ann Johnston.  He trained and qualified at Falkirk, Scotland as a Chef specializing in patisserie before enlisting in WW I. 
World War  I - William enlisted in the Army.

William served as a Private with the 1st Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders. 

While riding as a despatch rider in Holland he was hospitalized after being injured, gassed and temporarily blinded after a gas canister exploded near his motorcycle. 

He was given field citations in May and October 1918.

William was awarded the Military Medal; later a bar was added.

Ilean at Mount Barker - South Australia.
Ilean  - "Lean"
Before marrying "Will" Ilean lived in the family home Richardville at Mount Barker.  The house was probably named after Ilean's Brother Richard who died from wounds in November 1916 at Bernafay Wood, Somme, France during WW1.   One of Ilean's Brothers served in the Boer war in South Africa.  Hence the second name Pretoria.  The Westley family was large (18 children).   Most family members had their photos taken sitting on the low branch of the apple tree.  Lean was no exception.
Will and Ilean's Children
Will and Lean  raised five children.  The family home was at 27 Magarey Terrace Largs Bay North (now Magarey Street, Largs North).  The home was about 300 metres from the sea shore.  The children were raised during the depression. More to follow as surviving descendants piece things together.
(1) Jonathan Speirs McKELL
(2) Katherine Louie McKELL
(3) George Henry McKELL
(4) Beryl McKELL
(5) Dawn McKELL
b. 1923 - d. 1983
b. (private)
b. 1927 - d. 2002
b. (private) 
b. 1930 - d. 2002
William (Will) Speirs Johnston McKell_1899 Katherine (Kath) Louie McKell Margurite (Dawn) Dawn McKell_1930 Jonathan (Sonny) Speirs McKell_1923 Ilean (Lean)Pretoria McKell_1900 (nee Westley) George (George or Mac) Henry McKell_1927 Beryl Ann McKell
The McKell family - Largs North - South Australia - (January 1939)
back - standing: Jonathan (Sonny), Katherine (Kath), George.
front - seated: Ilean Pretoria, Dawn, Beryl, William (Will) Speirs Johnston McKell
[photo courtesy - Stuart McKenzie - Stirling Scotland]
[retouched - Rod Dumbreck Cupar, Fife, Scotland]
Many photos were sent to the family in Scotland.  At Christmas, Weddings, the birth of children and when family members passed away.  Letters were apparently exchanged regularly about every fortnight. Luckily the above photo was retained by the Family in Scotland. To date no copy has come to light among the Australian branch of the family. Photos sent overseas often have details written on the back, probably not thought necessary when relatives have day to day contact.
Similarly photos and memorabilia recovered in Australia by George McKell have proved a source of photos and information about family members in Scotland.
No surviving letters have been discovered within the Australian material.

 Descendant Listing


Descendants of
William Speirs Johnston McKell_1899 & Ilean Pretoria Westley_1900
of Largs North, Adelaide, South Australia

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  Australia England; Ireland; Scotland;

 1 William Speirs Johnston McKell (1899-1957) [Go to]
. +Ilean Pretoria Westley (1900-1973) [Go to]
. 2 Jonathan Speirs McKell (1923-1983) [Go to]
. 2 Katherine Louie McKell (private)  [Go to]
.... +Roland Warren Reeves (1925-2000)
.... 3 Warren Holden Reeves (private)
....... +Pamela Ann Danielsen (private)
....... 4 David Warren Reeves (private)
.......... +Pamela Gay (private)
.......... 5 Zoe Ann Reeves (private)
.......... 5 Lauren Rose Reeves (private)
....... 4 [4] Brenton Andrew Reeves (private)
.......... +Rebecca Ursula Anne Pattison (private)
....... *2nd Wife of [4] Brenton Andrew Reeves:
.......... +Nancy Chu (private)
.......... 5 Kynan George Reeves (private)
....... 4 Adrian Dean Reeves (private)
.... 3 Susan Yvette Reeves (private)
....... +Richard (Wally) John Edwards (private)
....... 4 Michael Lee Edwards (private)
....... 4 Simon James Edwards (twin) (private)
....... 4 Kate Michelle Edwards (twin) (private)
....... 4 Darren Ross Edwards (private)
. 2 George McKell (1927-2002) [Go to]
.... +Dulcie Knaggs  (private)
.... 3 Anne McKell  (private)
.... 3 Robert McKell (private)
.... 3 Jenny McKell (private)
.... 3 Wendy McKell (private)
. 2 Beryl McKell (private) [Go to]
.... +Robert Harrop Braddock (1925-197?)
.... 3 Sandra Braddock (private)
.... 3 Ann Braddock (private)
....... +Anthony? Perry (private)
.... 3 Cheryl Braddock (private)
.... 3 Leona Braddock (private)
....... +Richard Verheijen (private)
.....*2nd Husband of Beryl McKell:
.... +Douglas Clerke (private)
. 2 Dawn McKell (1930-2002) [Go to]

.... +George Ronald (Ron) Anderson
.... 3 Angela Dawn Anderson (private)  
....... +Bob Isherwood (private)
.... 3 John Vincent Anderson (private)


ANDERSON Angela Dawn (private)
ANDERSON Dawn (1930-2002) (nee McKell)
ANDERSON George Ronald (Ron)
ANDERSON John Vincent (private)
BRADDOCK Ann (Ann Perry)  (private)
BRADDOCK Beryl (private) (nee McKell)
BRADDOCK Robert Harrop
BRADDOCK Cheryl   (private)
BRADDOCK Leona (Leona Verheijen)  (private)
BRADDOCK Sandra  (private)
CHU Nancy (Nancy Reeves)  (private)
CLERKE Beryl (1929) (nee McKell) (private)
CLERKE Douglas? (private)
DANIELSEN Pamela Ann (private) (Pamela Reeves)
EDWARDS Darren Ross (private)
EDWARDS Kate Michelle (twin) (private)
EDWARDS Michael Lee (private)
EDWARDS Richard (Wally) John (private)
EDWARDS Simon James (twin) (private)
EDWARDS Susan Yvette (private)(nee Reeves)
GAY Pamela (private)
ISHERWOOD Angela (nee Anderson) (private)
ISHERWOOD Bob (private)
KNAGGS Dulcie (Dulcie McKell)  (private)
McKELL Anne  (private)
McKELL Beryl (private) (Beryl Braddock, Beryl Clerke)
McKELL Dawn (1930-2002) (Dawn Anderson)
McKELL Dulcie (nee Knaggs) (private) 
McKELL George (1927-2002)
McKELL Ilean Pretoria (1900) (nee Westley)
McKELL Jenny  (private)
McKELL Jonathan Speirs (1923-1983)
McKELL Katherine Louie (private) (Katherine L Reeves)
McKELL Robert  (private)
McKELL Wendy (private)
McKELL William Speirs Johnston (1899-1957)
PERRY Ann (nee Braddock)
REEVES Adrian Dean (private)
REEVES Brenton Andrew (private)
REEVES David Warren (private)
REEVES Katherine Louie (private) (nee McKell)
REEVES Kynan George (private)
REEVES Lauren Rose (private)
REEVES Nancy (nee Chu)
REEVES Pamela Ann (nee Danielsen)
REEVES Roland Warren (1925-2000)
REEVES Susan Yvette (private)
REEVES Warren Holden (private)
REEVES Zoe Ann (private)
VERHEIJEN Leona (nee Braddock)
WESTLEY Ilean Pretoria (1900) (Ilean Pretoria McKell)










WSJ McKell  c July 1957
[photo courtesy - Stuart McKenzie - Stirling Scotland]

[The information displayed above has been provided by various family members.  The work of Rod Dumbreck and Stuart McKenzie, in providing the information of the family in Scotland  must be acknowledged as the primary source of facts about Relatives in Scotland.  The placement of the data on the internet spurred the interest in detailing the Australian families.  Documents and photos of Australian McKells primarily provided by George McKell] 

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