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My son in law is also of this family thru Joseph and Caroline Elizabeth Higgins to Joseph and Catherine Jones to Arthur Cecil Westley born in Broken Hill NSW
Muriel Kain Theo, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
14th October 2004
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I am emailing some additional information regarding my wife, Helen Dorothy (Whyatt) O'Brien's (paternal) Great Great Grandmother Mary Ann Westley, who was William Joseph (Whyatt) Wyatt's second wife. At the time of their marriage William inserted an "h" into his Family Name, we have a copy of the Certificate dated 13 April 1865, witnessed by James Mott and Elizabeth Gratwick, it is said that William (Whyatt) Wyatt, had a difference with the rest of the Wyatt Family over not having endured the traditional mourning period of time after the decease of both his first wife, Jane Noblet and their 51 day old son, William Wyatt, on 20 June 1864.
Cr Mike O'Brien JP, Joondalup, Western Australia, Australia
13th October 2003
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I am the twin brother to Denise Spencer already listed in the Guest Book
Allan Ray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
18th May 2003
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I am not sure who to contact here but I would like to add to the list> My name is Denise Spencer (nee Ray). Florence May Ray (nee Westley) was my father\'s mother and my grandmother. Our family is not on the list as far as I can see. Florence and Frederick Ray had five children Nancy (who is included), Neil, Roy, Edward and Irene, Edward Ray had two children (twins) Allan and Denise. Allan never married and Denise has had four children. Anyway I can help add to the site?
Denise Spencer, Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory, Australia
10th May 2003
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I am one of the Westley descendants Via Joseph W and Eliz. Grace Besanko, to Florence Westley and Frederick Ray, my grand parents.

Great site, especially as it relates to my family history.

I\'ll see if I have anything extra to add.

Ian Ray, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
9th May 2003
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Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  Please take time to sign the guest book, add your comments and let me know how the site can be improved.  Do you have information, photos? 
Warren Reeves.
Adelaide, South Australia. 
29th September, 2002 

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